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The word to describe my work and practise would be, unorthodox. I aim to find ways to make mundane and overlooked entities beautiful. By using restrictions as one of my methods I am able to push my practise to find new concepts and ways to create work. My key concepts involve the beauty in the mundane, fine art influences, Judaism and unorthodox fashion. I look for imperfections and like to present the fashion world with ugly and tacky things, making me able to produce work which I tend to describe as a wrong turn in the right direction. My work is an extension of my Jewish self-documenting my own vision of Judaism and celebrating what being a Jewish woman means to me.  I often style, cast, and art direct my own shoots, making me versatile for projects. 

I'm the founder of Agency 7, a modelling agency which I run independently. 





2022 MA Fine art

Chelsea College of Arts UAL


2019-2021 BA Fashion Photography  

Leeds Arts University


2018-2019 BA Fashion Communication and Branding (1 year)

Leeds Arts University


Professional Appointments



Teaching Assistant

Art and Photography, King Alfred School


Social Media Executive

Contact Creatives



Founder of Lucky 7

Jewellery and textiles



Founder of Agency 7

Modelling Agency


Selected Exhibitions


Group Exhibition, Little show

Cookhouse, London

Group Exhibition, Wish You Were Here

Offsite, Margate

Group Exhibition, Infinite Tremors of Relations

Cookhouse, London


Group Exhibition, Common People

St Saviours church, Pimlico

Group Exhibition, Test Drives

Triangle Space, London


Group Exhibition, Nascent

Avalon Cafe, London


Group Exhibition, 11

Cookhouse, London


Group Exhibition, Unrealised Ideas

Cookhouse, London


Group Exhibition, Pechakucha

Cookhouse, London


Group Exhibition, Departure Lounge

Cookhouse, London


Group Exhibition, Shapes and Things

Open Ealing, London



Group Exhibition, Shapes and Things

Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds


Group Exhibition

Brick Lane Gallery, London



Group Exhibition

The Civic, Barnsley




Photographer on Contact Creatives




Sarah Eyre


Leeds Arts University


Professional Organisations



Artist Network

Jewish Museum, Manchester

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